Security cameras

How many cameras for an effective video surveillance system in my home?

Do you want to install a video surveillance system in your home? Find out in this article how to determine the number of cameras needed for a house. Tips and advice will also be offered. The number of cameras inside…

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Connecting cameras: Analog or IP?

Choosing the right type of camera is important when installing a video surveillance system. In general, there are two types of cameras on the market: IP and analog. You will find in this article the difference between the two. Connecting…

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The differences between video surveillance and remote surveillance

Telemonitoring and video surveillance are most often confused, even though they are both security systems designed to ensure the protection of property and people. Thus, they are means used by individuals in their homes or businesses to prevent intrusion or…

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What type of camera should you choose for your video surveillance system?

Company, private individual, trade, establishing a security system is always essential since insecurity is everywhere nowadays. With the different types of cameras, the choice is not easy. These few tips should be able to help you! Video surveillance cameras for…

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