How many cameras for an effective video surveillance system in my home?

Do you want to install a video surveillance system in your home? Find out in this article how to determine the number of cameras needed for a house. Tips and advice will also be offered.

The number of cameras inside

First of all, you should know that the total number of cameras to be deployed depends on the configuration and size of your home. To cover your interior therefore, you need to take into account the size and number of rooms. There is no need to install multiple cameras indoors. For a house with one floor for example, 2 to 3 cameras may be more than enough. The best is to put them in strategic places. Install one camera at the corner of your living room, another to cover the front door and a last one to monitor the accesses or corridors leading to the bedrooms. To keep it simple, make sure that the cameras cover the areas where criminals must pass if they are to circulate inside your home. The simple way to find out how many cameras are needed in a house is to divide the number of rooms into two. For example, if you have 3 rooms, 1 or 2 cameras are sufficient.

The number of cameras outside

The law stipulates that outdoor cameras must not film your neighbours' street and property. Place your cameras anywhere, but make sure these rules are followed. As with indoor cameras, there is no need to cover your exterior with a lot of CCTV cameras. 1 to 2 cameras are enough, but they should also be placed in strategic locations. Place one at the level of your gate by directing it towards the front door of the house. The second camera will be useful if you have a large space behind your house. Just remember this rule: the camera should be pointed towards the house.

Things to remember

You just have to remember that it is useless to install several cameras in your home. In general, the number depends on the size of your home. Then, place them in places without obstacles and taking care not to have blind spots. Then, cover the mandatory passage areas inside and outside. However, you can call upon the services of a specialized agency to optimize your video surveillance system. The specialists will offer you a perfect plan for the installation of your cameras.
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