What type of camera should you choose for your video surveillance system?

Company, private individual, trade, establishing a security system is always essential since insecurity is everywhere nowadays. With the different types of cameras, the choice is not easy. These few tips should be able to help you!

Video surveillance cameras for internal use

To be effective, it is important to choose a CCTV camera according to the use you intend to make of it. For individuals, you can opt for a wireless surveillance camera, which works by radio waves or Wifi. Its installation does not require the intervention of a professional. The same goes for the webcam camera, which allows surveillance of the surroundings of a computer or a remote view. There are also spy cameras that you can hide easily since they are very small. In addition, they can be equipped with a microphone. For companies, an IP surveillance camera is very interesting. Connected to your central server with an RJ45 or Wifi cable, it is able to manage several remote sites. Its parameters are customizable and the images can be viewed in real time or later. If you want day and night surveillance, you can opt for infrared cameras. These can record everything even in total darkness. For shops, business cameras can be adopted, but it is always better to add live surveillance cameras. The images from these can be viewed in the room itself or remotely. Alternatively, anyone can purchase a dummy surveillance camera as a deterrent. It exists in different models, referring to the real cameras. You will find previews at Tike Security video surveillance.

CCTV cameras for outdoor use

For outdoor surveillance, choosing a CCTV camera is not too complicated since there are not many choices. Except, perhaps, at the model level. An outdoor surveillance camera is actually quite special. Indeed, it is carefully designed to be as waterproof and resistant as possible. However, you can choose between the housing model (intense protection housing) and the vandal-proof model (mini-dome). In any case, outdoor surveillance cameras must perform as well during the day as at night.

Selection criteria

No matter what type of camera suits you best, the following criteria should be taken into account: - The quality of the camera comes first. This includes the lens, the sensors, and the sound (for those equipped with a microphone). Note that a camera with a very wide viewing angle may produce less sharp images. It is also advisable to choose a light-sensitive sensor with good resolution. - The comfort of use is also of mine. To avoid overwhelming use, choose a video surveillance camera that is easy to set up and use. - Being a device connected h24, do not hesitate to check its power consumption to avoid overcharging in this sector.
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