Can a house alarm be compatible with pets?

Pets and house alarm

The installation of an alarm system within a residence is a secure solution for the occupants and the property. This solution makes it possible to detect the formation of fire and attempts at intrusion or burglary within the home. However, in order not to alert the occupants for nothing, the insensitivity of the alarm to the passage of pets is necessary. Are there systems that allow this functionality?

The pet-compatible home alarm

Pets and alarms can be a good match in a residence. Many manufacturers and suppliers offer this option. Thus, when a dog or cat passes by, the system remains insensitive and does not emit an alarm. Such equipment is equipped with a volumetric function. This takes into account the weight and size of the bodies in order to distinguish between people and pets. The detectors also analyse the positions of the latter when they move. Indeed, compared to individuals, cats and dogs get a little closer to the ground when they move. Thus, home and pet alarms can make good allies.

Choosing the right alarm location

To secure the alarm, make sure it is inaccessible to your pets. To do this, study the location of the system. During installation, seek professional advice. Ideally, the alarm should be placed high up, on wall sections free of furniture and away from any heat source. Before installing the alarm, the installer normally performs a preparatory diagnosis. At this point, don't forget to inform the technician of your pet's breed and size so that he can take preventive measures. By making specific settings, the problem will be solved.

The pet-compatible alarm with microwave

In addition to the volumetric alarm, there is the system with microwave detector. This solution distinguishes people from animals through body heat. If properly equipped, this alarm is combined with PIR infrared radiation. This system, known as "animal immune", must respect certain angles to remain insensitive to animals. In this sense, the system does not emit an alert when a dog or cat passes by. Whatever the model, the installation and purchase of an alarm in a home must always be subject to a prior estimate. To save money, do not hesitate to use a comparison. This equipment is normally provided custom-made according to the owner's needs.
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