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Alarm and video surveillance installers adapt their services to the needs of individuals and professionals.

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A video installation can be used to remotely monitor different places such as a house, a company, a business, city streets, a parking lot… It can also be used to monitor a person…

An alarm improves the security of a building. The system works with sensors that detect intrusion as well as an alarm central that collects and processes the information transmitted by the detectors.

Intruder alarms are available in different ranges. Depending on the type of existing break-ins, you can invest in the installation of door opening detectors, motion detectors or noise detectors.


Wireless alarm and video surveillance

The wireless alarm is a more aesthetically pleasing system than the wired device. The latter can be easily integrated into any home. To purchase this type of accessory, visit the Tike Security website. Unlike the wired system, wireless devices are modular. This means that you can easily add new accessories. can provide you with more information.

Motion detector

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How do you choose the right wireless home alarm for you?

Find the alarm system that suits your needs by consulting the different ranges of IP security systems.

Choose from models equipped with detectors and different kinds of sensors, cameras and other sirens

Select the system according to the layout of the premises to be protected.

Verify the level of security and the homologation of the alarms.

Tip for choosing well its outdoor IP video surveillance camera 

Burglary: some advice and prevention

There are certain precautionary measures that must be respected whether you own a main house or a second home. The preventive measures necessary to limit the burglary of a dwelling consist of reinforcing the access points of a house. Many thieves enter through ground floor, cellar or roof windows. As a precaution, it is best to make sure they are always closed and protected by burglar-proof glazing or bars. More details on

Alarms and detectors - Solutions to be safe at home

To improve the security of a home, it is strongly recommended to invest in the purchase of anti-intrusion devices. The principle of presence simulation consists in deceiving thieves by simulating a presence during the absence of the occupants of the house or apartment. To do this, programming a home automation system makes it possible to give life to the dwelling during its absence. The alarm can deter burglars by alerting the neighbourhood and the whole household in case of intrusion. Check Vision Informatique Securite for more information.